• Monytize is a unique convergence of social networking, entertainment content (movies, music, and games), and a socially-conscious revenue-sharing model. It’s FREE to Join!
  • Monytize distributes movies, music, and games to our members while providing a social media platform for users to follow their favorite celebrities and participate in online communities about the world of entertainment.
  • Our socially-conscious revenue-sharing model allows members, charities, and schools to monetize their network by inviting them to join and redirect their spending to our entertainment options. It’s Invite Only!
  • Monytize is a powerful fundraising vehicle that allows charities, foundations, schools, universities, churches, and other organizations to raise funds using their own Monytize network.
  • Monytize allocates a percentage of its revenues to The Monytize Foundation which contributes and funds charities and foundations worldwide.