Monytize is a FREE TO JOIN, Invite Only social Media Platform. Monytize found a way to create many revenue streams through rental subscriptions and sales of movies, music, and games. It’s a place for you to monetize your community through our unique revenue models. In developing the Monytize platform, we realized that people worldwide are spending approximately 100 billion dollars on home entertainment media every single year. In addition, during this pandemic, home Entertainment Spending has increased more than 50%. Monytize has developed a turn-key system designed to capture these funds and redistribute profits among its members, rather than toward a marketing budget. These monies have never been shared until now. Once you receive an invite, register and set up your profile page for free. Members receive 4% cashback on any purchases made on monytize.com, and two percent 2% commission on purchases by any invited member that signs up for free within their Monytize Network. Additionally, the member’s Wallet displays the money the member is earning in real-time, with options to receive notifications every time their balance increases. Any Member can do monthly withdrawals using their Paypal account, Bank Account, or Their Personalize Monytize Debit Card.